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Why Communication Is Key to the Success of Myself and My Clients

We believe that communication is one of the keys to the success of our clients. Here’s why.

One of the significant benefits of being a premier agent with,,, and is the access to additional reports I can share with my sellers so they can see the kind of traffic and activity their property is getting online. My job is to get people to click on and engage with my clients’ properties online, and I have the numbers to back it up.

You need to make sure that your Realtor is a 10/10 when it comes to communication. When you have that communication, there are fewer issues and faster solutions. With good communication, we’ll know why your home isn’t selling and determine which lever needs to be adjusted for us to get the results we seek.

  There’s no replacement for good, honest communication between an agent and client.

It’s the unknown that keeps us awake at night, but if we have the right information and data, we know that we’re doing our job marketing the home and something else needs to be adjusted. Nobody wants to hear that they need to reduce the price of their home, but when we have the data proving we’re doing everything else possible to get people’s eyes on your home, you can feel more confident knowing that a proactive fix like a price adjustment is the necessary call to make.

The best way to have a great relationship is great communication and your relationship with your Realtor is no different.

If you have questions about my communication process or anything else related to real estate, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.

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