Guide for Preparing Your Home for Sale (PDF)

If you want to get the best possible deal on your home, trust only the best realtor in Northern Colorado. We at Kittle Real Estate will help you get it done. For starters, here are a few expert selling tips:

The 5 DO’s of Home Selling

1. DO make your home accessible
Provide flexible and generous showing schedules for your home. Offer weeknights and extended hours during weekends to accommodate interested buyers who may have limited time for viewings.

2. DO post online
On average, 95 % of all buyers begin searching for homes online. If that’s not convincing enough, the percentage of millennials who use the internet to look for homes is 99%. This is significant because these people who were born between 1980 and 1998 make up 66% of first-time homebuyers. So it pays to show your home’s best self online. Hire a professional photographer, provide virtual tours, and, if warranted, use drone videography.

3. DO provide perks
Give interested buyers a little more than they expect – your furniture and appliances, for example, to make the property instantly livable. You can also offer to cover their closing fees or moving costs.

4. DO negotiate offers
Patience is crucial to closing a deal with terms that favor both parties. Negotiate offers but don’t be disheartened when potential buyers back off. Serious buyers will stick with the negotiations until both sides reach an agreement.

5. DO work with an agent
Lighten the home selling load by hiring a real estate professional. Choose a local expert with in-depth market knowledge, smart marketing strategies, and seasoned negotiation skills.

Sell your home with the Top Realtor in Northern Colorado

The 5 DON’Ts of Home Selling

1. DON’T sell before you’re ready
Selling your home can be an emotional experience. Make sure your fond memories don’t get in the way of your objectivity. It’s important to detach your feelings from the task of negotiating and settling a deal.

2. DON’T postpone repairs
Make sure your property is in its most presentable condition before you welcome buyers for viewing. If buyers can spot areas that need fixing up, they will get the impression that there are more issues with the home than what’s readily visible. Take care of every maintenance need, from clogged gutters to dripping faucets, to loose door knobs.

3. DON’T spend more than you should
Go for practical, low-cost renovations rather than flashy, expensive upgrades. Smaller projects give you greater returns on your renovation investments. You can also consult your agent for the types of upgrades that appeal to buyers in your neighborhood.

4. DON’T hang around during a viewing.
Step out when a buyer comes in for a viewing. Leave it to your agent to take care of the tour. You want your buyer at ease so they can imagine themselves living in your home.

5. DON’T overprice your house
Don’t let your emotions dictate the price of your home. Instead, make sure the price you quote is comparable to similar properties in the neighborhood.
Otherwise, serious buyers will ignore your listing until you’re forced to drop your price too far below market rates.

Sell your home with the Top Realtor in Northern Colorado

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