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Steps for Selling a House in Windsor CO

Steps for Selling a House in Windsor CO

Windsor, Colorado is a growing community. It sits between the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and the High Plains region of the state. There is plenty of sunshine in the city and residents enjoy spending time at local parks and playgrounds, walking on the Poudre River Trail, and at the 80,000 square foot Community Recreation Center. With Windsor being a desirable place to live in Northern Colorado, the real estate market is booming. When it comes time to sell a Windsor home, your best bet is to work with a top realtor. It takes time and effort to sell a house in Windsor CO. There are fixes and upgrades to make, cleaning, staging, marketing, and more. Choosing a leading Windsor real estate agent will save you time, stress, and will likely get you more money. In addition to working with a top realtor, follow our tips to sell your Windsor CO home.

Ways to Choose a Top Local Listing Agent

There are many ways that real estate agents can help make your home selling experience smoother. Meet with a few experienced real estate agents Windsor CO has to offer to find the best fit for your situation. Agents at Kittle Real Estate know Windsor and have more five-star reviews than any other agent in Northern Colorado. Top real estate agents in Windsor CO can help in many ways, including:

  • Saving time
  • Bringing in more buyers
  • Helping get more money
  • Having knowledge of the market and pricing practices
  • Negotiating
  • Recommending professionals such as stagers and contractors
  • Knowing local neighborhoods in Windsor, such as Downtown and Lower Windsor, Water Valley, Windsor Lake/Boardwalk Park, Highland Meadows, and Windshire Park

Windsor CO Seller Disclosure Statement

Every state has requirements for disclosures to buyers about the home’s condition. It’s important to understand the real estate disclosure statement Windsor CO utilizes when selling and fill out all forms to the best of your knowledge. Here are some highlights of what needs to be disclosed in Colorado:

  • The use of lead-based paint on the property if built before 1978
  • The presence of Green energy features
  • Applicable information if the home is located in a special taxing district
  • Details about oil and gas activity or surface mineral rights
  • Potential transportation projects that could affect the property in the future
  • If the home is located in a common interest community, details need to be disclosed
  • The source of potable drinking water
  • Even if remediated, it must be disclosed if a home has ever been used as a methamphetamine laboratory

Outdoor Checklist

When selling a house in Windsor CO, a great listing and first impressions can be everything. Brag about walkability in the listing if it’s easy to walk to grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and public transit. Hook potential buyers by taking the time to spruce up the exterior of your home to boost curb appeal. Allow buyers to envision themselves spending time on the front porch and then walking to grab dinner. Here are a few ideas.

  • Landscaping

    Take the time to make the yard shine when selling a house in Windsor CO. Spruce up the lawn, trim bushes and trees, and add mulch to flower beds. Add some pops of color by placing potted plants on the porch and adding flowers that are currently blooming to the garden. Stop into The Winsor Gardener or Harmony Gardens for plants and to ask for advice.

  • Roof Repair

    When potential buyers drive up, they will notice the condition of the exterior of your home. Walk all around the exterior of your house and touch up the paint, make repairs to the siding, and also check out the roof. If there are any problems with the roof, this will show up in the home inspection, so best to take care of it before the house hits the market.

Indoor Checklist

After potential buyers have been wowed outside, drive the sale home with an immaculate interior. Take the time to declutter, deep clean, stage, and also consider these additional tips to help when selling a house fast in Windsor CO.

  • Upgrade Lighting

    Creating an atmosphere that is light and bright will help to impress potential buyers. Getting rid of old and outdated light fixtures will also help. Take the time to walk through your home to evaluate the lighting and make upgrades as necessary.

  • Update Hardware

    The hardware is another easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your home. If the knobs on your cabinets are outdated, consider replacing them. This can even be done yourself to save money.

  • Eliminate Pet Smells

    Sometimes it’s the small things that have the biggest impact when selling a house fast in Windsor CO. If someone walks into your home and can smell your pet, it could be a deal breaker. Not everyone likes pets, so it’s best to have your pet stay elsewhere while the home is on the market and eliminate all evidence of the pet.

Best Time to Sell a House in Windsor CO

Homes sell every month of the year, but if you are wondering the best time for selling house in Windsor CO, August is the best month. Homes sold in April, July, August, October, November, and December tend to sell for above average market sales price. Homes sold in January, February, March, May, June, and September tend to sell for below average prices.

Types of Homes in Windsor

The areas that you focus on when selling your home will depend on the type of home you have. Homes for sale Windsor CO come in all prices, shapes, and sizes. The median price for a home for sale is $459.17K. The most common types of homes found in Windsor include:

  • land for sale
  • 1 bedroom homes
  • 2 bedroom homes
  • 3 bedroom homes
  • 4 bedroom homes
  • single family homes
  • luxury homes


Getting the price right is essential when hoping to sell house for more money in Windsor CO. You don’t want to overprice the property, because that will leave it sitting on the market for a long while. Homes lose their appeal after being on the market for about 21 days. If you price your home too low, you could leave money on the table. It’s best to have the help of a realtor when the goal is to sell house for more money in Windsor CO. They can run a comparative market analysis to ensure correct pricing for your home.


Buyers will look forward to asking for negotiations to try to get the best price possible. It’s important to keep a level head through the entire process of looking at offers and lean on real estate agents Windsor CO who can use their experience to negotiate. Be sure to keep all offers in the loop through the entire process and not let your pride get in the way of negotiations.

The goals of selling home in Windsor CO are usually to sell it fast and for the most money possible. To meet those goals, consider working with Kittle Real Estate. In the real estate business, for over 19 years, Kittle is an expert in Northern Colorado real estate. The Kittle team can provide all services necessary to buy or sell a home for a top price with the least amount of stress possible. By following our tips, and teaming up with a top realtor, you can sell your Windsor CO home fast and for more money.

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