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How Should I Get My Home Ready for Sale?

Here is my advice for sellers looking to maximize their home’s online presence.

When I meet with a home seller, the first thing we figure out is whether or not their home is photo-ready (I used to bring my camera along to listing appointments but have since found that homes are rarely ever ready for pictures to be taken). The seller and I discuss what it will take to fetch top dollar based on what I’ve seen play out in the market time and time again. So, even if the home needs to hit the market that week and it’s full steam ahead, there’s still a lot of tips and tricks I can use to not only get it listed in time but have it attract top dollar. 

We all have our bowling trophies, family photos, sports pennants, and other cherished keepsakes that we display on our mantles because we’re proud of them. However, sellers need to ask themselves whether these items are features that help their home sale or just clutter that could distract buyers from the property itself. Does your wall of pictures enhance the listing photo or clutter it? It’s not about removing all family photos, but being cognizant of the giant scrapbooks lying around or that mantle or countertop that’s overflowing with photos. 


   Truly, the heavy lifting of the home selling process occurs before you put your home on the market.


All highly personalized items that don’t enhance your home’s selling prospect should be boxed up for storage. This step frees up space (any time your home can appear more spacious, it’s a good thing) while also getting you ready for the inevitable moving process. Do yourself a favor and box up summer clothes if you’re selling in winter; I’d rather have your garage filled floor to ceiling with boxes than have all that stuff lying around the inside of your home.

Truly, the heavy lifting of the home selling process occurs before you put your home on the market. Most sellers say, “Of course I’d fix the hole in the wall or get rid of the brass light fixtures if a buyer asked me to,” missing the point that most buyers won’t even ask—they’ll simply see the photos online, note all of the things that need fixing or adjustment, and won’t even bother to continue on and read the description. They’ll make a swift judgment and move on to the next property. 

Think about your listing like but for real estate; people are looking to fall in love, not find a workable candidate to take on as a project. Staging is important for capturing buyers’ hearts. Once we clean and declutter your home, we’ll bring in my professional stager, who will take care of the fine-tuning. After a one-hour staging consultation that I pay for, the stager will rearrange, remove, or re-style furniture so that the home looks its sharpest and most spacious. After that, and only after that, we’re ready for the photographer. 

If you have any questions on how to handle your particular selling situation, or want to have a more in-depth chat about what our process looks like, feel free to reach out to me via phone or email. I’m here to be a resource for you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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