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Buying a home can be complicated, but here are some valuable resource articles that may be helpful for you as you are going through the home buying process. These articles cover the basics from understanding how real estate agents assist with the process, analyzing your budget and financial status, dealing with inspections, making an offer for that home, and preparing for the paperwork process that goes along with this life-changing financial decision. For assistance or quick answers to your real estate questions, give us a call at (970) 460-4444 or email us!

Trust Kittle Real Estate to be your reliable partner throughout the entire home buying process. Get started with these crucial buying tips:

The 5 DO’s of Home Buying

  • DO buy within your means

Before browsing the market, review your finances to see what you can afford. Doing so keeps your expectations realistic. Ask yourself questions like: How much are my total assets? Do I have a good credit score? How much can I pay as down payment for a home?

  • DO get mortgage pre-approval

As soon as you decide that you want to buy a home, gather your documents and submit a preliminary loan application. In addition to informing you of the maximum amount that you can borrow, preapproval will convince a seller that you are capable of securing the proper financing to purchase their beloved property.

  • DO explore your options

Shop around for options before drawing up a shortlist. The more properties you can compare, the better your chances of finding a home that suits your needs and preferences. Once you’re down to two or three top choices, call us, Kittle Real Estate, at 970-460-4444 or 970-325-6444. You can also send us an email at [email protected]
. We’ll arrange a first-hand viewing of available properties in Northern Colorado to guide your final decision.

  • DO research the neighborhood

Get to know your future neighborhood before you make an offer. Read up on the community by checking the local news online, or browsing their official website. Then, drive around to get a feel of the place. Chat with a few residents about their personal experiences and insights on the neighborhood you’re eyeing.

  • DO get the home inspected

Make sure that your new home is free from any hidden or potential structural issues. Get a trained inspector to check the property. Peace of mind goes a long way in ensuring comfortable living.

The 5 DON’Ts of Home Buying

  • DON’T choose the priciest home on the market

The most expensive home is not necessarily the best option. Pricey homes may require more maintenance. Consider resale value, as well. Will the high-end property net you good returns when you decide to sell it?

  • DON’T buy without a proper viewing

Make sure you personally walk through the properties you shortlisted before you make an offer. You may have gone through the virtual tour of the homes and seen videos of the surroundings, but nothing compares to being there yourself. Viewings are your final gauge of the spaciousness, functionality, vibe, and fit of the place. They are also opportunities to look for possible maintenance issues or repair needs.

  • DON’T forget closing fees and other charges

In addition to your mortgage and down payment, plan for additional expenses that the closing stage will entail. These include fees for professional inspection and attorney review, among others. Consider recurring expenses after you complete the purchase, too. Make sure you can sustain utilities, maintenance, property taxes, insurance, and homeowner association dues.

  • DON’T purchase big-ticket items before you buy a home

Forget about buying luxury cars, smart appliances, or state-of-the-art home theater systems right before you buy a home. Purchasing big-ticket items affect the terms of your mortgage or, indeed, your ability to secure a loan.

  • DON’T do it yourself

Buying a home can be laborious. Work with an experienced real estate professional who can help you make the right decision and guide you through the entire process.

Buy a home with the Top Realtor in Northern Colorado »

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