We Have Great Options for When You Need To Sell

We have so many options available to you to help you sell your home.

I often hear clients talk about how stressful it is to sell a home. However, I'm here to talk about the different options we have to get your home sold that will reduce your stress. Plus, we have some options that many Realtors don't have. We pride ourselves on having many high-tech options available.

First, 90% of our clients will want to go with the traditional approach to real estate. They get the home ready and looking nice, and we get them top dollar. The problem is that most people don’t know they have other options besides that.

Another way to get peace of mind is to accept a cash offer. We work with multiple investors and hedge funds to provide you with three to five cash offers. With these, you get to pick your closing date and name the terms. This option has been very popular lately.

"We pride ourselves on having many high-tech options available."

Another option we offer is the Guaranteed Sale, where I guarantee to get your home sold within an agreed-upon amount of time. If I don't, I buy it. I also offer the Design To Sell program, where I will invest $10,000 to $20,000 for things like new carpet and paint to help you get your home ready for the market. That will help you get top dollar. 

We also have our Buy Now, Sell Later program, which is extremely popular. With this, I can help you buy a new home first, then put your old home on the market. This eliminates the hassle of getting everything prepped and staged because your old home will now be vacant. Plus, you don't have to deal with the hassles of showings.

The list doesn’t end here—I still have more options available to you. We are not your typical real estate company with just the same plan to get your home sold. We just want you to have peace of mind and be able to choose the selling method that is best for you. To hear more, call or email me anytime.

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