The 'Ds of Moving': A Real Estate Revelation

Learn how to identify potential moves with the 'Ds of Moving'.

In the dynamic world of real estate, understanding the timing and reasons behind why people move can significantly enhance our ability to serve clients and generate referrals. Historically, a staggering 60% of homes sell during the bustling months of April, May, and June, following contracts initiated in the spring. This seasonality underscores a vital question: How can we predict when someone is about to move and, by extension, support our business or agents through referrals?

To tackle this question, we've launched an innovative tool: This platform is designed to enlighten both real estate professionals and those looking to support them by identifying 40 distinct reasons people decide to move, intriguingly all starting with the letter 'D'. From the more apparent life events like death, divorce (or diamonds, symbolizing engagements), and disease, to the less obvious but equally compelling reasons such as being displaced or dealing with dogs that don't comply with HOA regulations.

Recognizing these 'Ds' in the lives of those around you can pinpoint potential referrals to us. For instance, noticing a neighbor has a dumpster in their driveway could indicate they're remodeling before a sale, or spotting a moving pod might suggest they're preparing for a move. These signals can be perfect opportunities to assist friends or acquaintances by connecting them with expert real estate services, thereby supporting our mission to facilitate smooth transitions for buyers and sellers alike.

"How can we predict when someone is about to move?"

We encourage you to visit to familiarize yourself with the various reasons that prompt people to move. Moreover, we invite you to contribute to this list. If you observe a 'D' we haven't listed, we'd love to hear about it. Our goal is to expand our understanding continually and provide comprehensive support to anyone in a transition phase of moving.

This selling season, as the market heats up in April, May, and June, your awareness and referrals can make a significant difference. If you know someone facing any of these 'Ds of Moving,' let us know. Your insight could be the key to providing timely and empathetic assistance to someone in need.

Of course, if you or someone you know is moving, we have access to all of the real estate inventory in Northern Colorado with our Perfect Home Finder Service. This also includes homes you won't find on Zillow!

We're here to offer our expertise and support, not just in finding or selling a home, but in navigating the complex emotional and logistical challenges that come with moving. Reach out, share your stories, and let's make this selling season a success for everyone involved.

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