Home Staging Helps Maximize Your Price

Today’s topic is all about staging. Our friend Pam Sunderman joined us recently to discuss.

I get a lot of questions about home staging. A lot of people want to know if it will still make a difference, even in a strong seller’s market like we have here in Fort Collins.

Although there are some things you can’t change about your home, like its location, there are a few things that you do have control over that can lead you to the most profitable sale possible.

You have control over the condition of your home, its price, and who you hire to help you prepare it. That’s what you should focus on. To go a little bit deeper on the topic of staging, we were joined by our friend Pam Sunderman of Pam Sunderman Design. She’s a professional staging consultant, and we offer a complimentary one-hour consultation to the sellers who choose to work with us. Pam’s job is to help buyers fall in love with your home by getting the condition to a 10, and then we capture that perfect condition with great photos.

Pam says that even in a hot market, it’s important to focus on the staging. The goal is to have buyers feeling like they can make your home their own. When you’ve been living in your home for years, you become a little blind to what it looks like from a buyer’s perspective. The fresh set of eyes that Pam provides can really help the home sparkle when buyers come to see it.

Our goal with all of our home sellers is to sell their home for top dollar. Staging doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes all you need are a few cans of paint. It’s all about minimizing and neutralizing what you already have. You don’t need to get new furniture, but you might need to take some out and put it in a storage container.

“It’s all about minimizing and neutralizing.”

If you plan on selling your home, you’re going to have to do all the heavy lifting eventually. Getting it done up front will make your move so much easier.

We’re not here to tell you what to do, we’re just here to help. In our experience, a staged home will sell faster and for more money every single time. If you have any questions for us in the meantime or would like to learn more about how we can help you make sure your home is in tip-top condition, give us a call or send us an email today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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