5 Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

The mornings have become brisk and soon we’ll be dusting off and pulling boots and jackets out of our closets to wear. The cooler morning weather is not only a reminder that winter is not too far away, but it’s also a reminder to get some maintenance jobs done before it happens. Tackling such jobs will give you peace of mind going into the winter, plus less surprises when it’s over! Here are a few tasks to consider taking care of this fall.

1. Inspect & lubricate garage door. Open and close your garage door. If you hear any unusual sounds or notice anything shaking, then go ahead and lubricate the questionable areas. It wouldn't be a bad idea to also lubricate all components for optimal performance during the cold weather.

2. Fill any holes where critters could enter. Once the colder weather arrice, small wildlife will be looking for a warmer place to sleep. Fill any holes to prevent them from crawling through and hibernating in your home.

3. Seal windows. You don't want any cold drafts coming into your home. Make sure the glass of your windo is sealed against the frame. Use silicone caulk to seal any loose or cracked areas. While you're at it, make sure windows don't ahve much movement when they are closed. You can use weather stripping to reduce or deter drafts.

4. Check air filters & tune-up furnace. Clogged air filter can be dangerous. Change them frequently, especially during the winter when your furnace is working extra hard. Replacing air filters also will help your furnace run much more efficiently. Schedule a furnace tune-up with a lecensed and insured HVAC technician to make sure that when you turn the thermostat to "heat" it'll be working well for you.

5. Clean the fireplace. Fireplaces should be cleaned to reduce the risk of a house fire by getting rid of flammable debris and to keep it burning efficiently. Due to the time and effort involved in cleaning the inside of a fireplace, it's recommended to get a trained technician to do it. If you feel you're up to the task there are several tips and instructions offered online on how to do it like here. 

What other tips do you consider important to get your home ready for fall?

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