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The first Americans who settled in the area were the 9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. They established Fort Collins in 1862 near what is now the Old Town area. The Kansas troops were replaced by a group of Colorado infantry who moved to near what is now Wood Street in 1864 after a flood destroyed the camp's original buildings.

Fort Collins remained a military outpost until it was abandoned in 1866 by the U.S. Army. It was opened to settlement in 1872 by Congress after many farmers expressed their interest in settling the area. The Agricultural Colony Land Company soon arrived thereafter to lay out the first formal boundaries for Fort Collins properties.

Growth in the Fort Collins area was fueled during the 20th century by sugar industries, several computer technology industries and steady growth in Colorado State University's enrollment. This growth encouraged the development of several popular neighborhoods including City Park, Waterglen and Rogers Park.

Fort Collins CO homes are now situated in a beautiful Larimer County city that offers Fort Collins home buyers many outdoor recreational activities, a diverse economy, a thriving arts scene and safe neighborhoods. These benefits make Fort Collins homes a great value for anyone who wishes to relocate to the Fort Collins area.

For more details about the start of real estate in Fort Collins, please visit this interesting website maintained by the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

The Fort Collins Recreation Department Offers Residents Many High-quality Recreational Facilities and Activities:

The Fort Collins Recreation Department offers many 60 recreational facilities that are located near many high-quality Fort Collins homes for sale. Some of these facilities include an ice rink, a swimming pool, a pottery studio, a senior center and a youth activity center. Other recreational facilities include more than 60 athletic fields and community parks.

Moreover, the Fort Collins Recreation Department offers many recreational activities that offer home buyers who purchase homes for sale in Fort Collins many ways to learn about hobbies and healthy lifestyle choices. Some of these activities include aquatics classes, ice skating classes, pottery classes, dance lessons, more than 20 recreational sports activities and many youth recreation camps.

There Are Many Attractions Located near a Fort Collins Real Estate Agent or Realtor Who Can Help You Find a Home:

The Fort Collins area is home to many fun attractions that are located near a Fort Collins realtor or real estate agent who can help you find a great home. Some of these attractions include the Horsetooth Reservoir Recreation Area, the Fort Collins Lincoln Center, the Colorado State University Art Museum and Collindale golf course.

Many Fun Events Take Place near High-quality Fort Collins Homes for Sale:

The Fort Collins area is home to many fun events that are located near many historic neighborhoods. Some of these events include the Fort Collins Foodie Walk, the Colorado Brewers Festival and the Fort Collins Farmers Market Festival. For information about other events that take place near real estate in Fort Collins, please visit this event website maintained by the Fort Collins Conventions & Visitors Bureau.

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